August 2018 by Khaled E. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
Ask/ search for Jason Polanco such a smart broker to work with. Pretty much straight forward and will get you your dream home in one day just like me.

Besides his professional skills, he can also be a good friend :) He will narrow your hosuing selection to the available inventory that right fits you. Saves you a lot of time and help you decide quicker!

In general the company is such a great place to work with as you can see the reviews! Good luck!!!

August 2018 by Carly R. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
Jason was awesome. With the stressful process that can be finding an apartment in NYC it was so nice to work with someone so responsive and who looked out for the things I wanted most in an apartment. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to find the perfect place without a headache!

August 2018 by Nick Y. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
I moved to NY a few months ago , considering my personal experience with the city and the people . Meeting Jason polanco gave me hope that there are still good and honest people especially in a very cruel some city like NY . He listens to what you want in terms of finding you the right apartment. He is very professional as well . Kind patient and very helpful . I will recommend him , please don''t fall into the hands of the scammers , NY has a bunch of them in NY . Good luck .

August 2018 by Ravi D. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
I was apartment hunting over the course of 3 weeks and with 5 different brokerage firms. The one that came through time and time again was Manhattan Realty Group, and the broker of choice at this firm is Jason Polanco. He was available to show me around on my schedule and was available through text and email night and day on any questions or concerns I had. After weeks of looking around NYC through 20+ apartments, Jason showed the same enthusiasm as he did when we first met and viewed our first apartment together. He then began to work tirelessly to get the rent lowered. Absolutely phenomenal experience and I will be using them again next year!

August 2018 by Marlyn B. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
My sister had an amazing experience with Jason P. She just moved here from Virginia and really needed to find an affordable apartment in Midtown West fast. I went along with her throughout the process and was honestly impressed with how honest and professional Jason was, considering I had such a negative perception of brokers. If I could give Jason more than 5 Stars I would!!! I highly recommend Manhattan Realty Group :)

August 2018 by Niv P. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
We had the best experience working with Jason Polanco!!
Just rented an apartment in Hell''s Kitchen with Jason''s help and it was honestly one of the best and easiest rental experiences I''ve had. Having lived in the city for 6 years I''ve had my fair share of bad to terrible rental experiences in the past and was quite apprehensive about my new move. Fortunately my fiancé and I found Jason on street easy and contacted him about a listing we saw online. He was extremely helpful, friendly and straightforward about our options from the very beginning. He went above and beyond to help find the best apartment for us (on a very short notice) which was within our budget and was never pushy. From negotiating with the building management to get us the best rent possible and to helping us with getting our application/documents in order, he was so very helpful every step of the way. He is a real pleasure to work with, very easy to reach, extremely professional and informative. We couldn''t be happier with our whole experience and can''t recommend him highly enough.

August 2018 by Andrew H. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
Jason was really helpful in securing the apartment I wanted. He negotiated on my behalf and got down to the price I wanted. Jason was really nice and responsive throughout the whole experience and I would highly recommend him.

August 2018 by Ryan ChangHyun K. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
Had opportunity to work with Jason and he has been great through the process. I was able to find perfect home for myself in NYC and he has been real supportive. Everyone should seek for this service.

August 2018 by Cydney C. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
I had an excellent experience working with Jason. The first apartment he showed us was exactly what we were looking for and from there he immediately got us started on the application process. As a first time renter, I had a lot of questions around this and he was always very helpful and responsive. He also went above and beyond by negotiating down the price of our rental and within a day or so we were approved and ready to sign the lease. If it were not for Jason, I probably would not have gotten the apartment, especially not at the price he was able to negotiate. Should I end up moving in the future, I will definitely be using Jason again and would recommend him to anyone!

August 2018 by Alex K. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
Jason Polanco was terrific! Not only did he get viewings for over 10 units at three different buildings, exactly fitting my criteria, but he did it in day''s notice and on Easter!
This man is the best broker you could find due to his professionalism, dedication to the client(s) and thoroughness.
100% recommend Jason to be your broker!

August 2018 by Dillon H. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
Jason Polanco was a great broker. He hustled to get me the exact apartment I wanted and even helped knock down the price - all within a very short time frame. This was by far the easiest and most seamless leasing experience I''ve ever had and I''d highly recommend working with him.

August 2018 by Frank C. , Yelp Review , MANHATTAN
I found my first NYC apartment after graduating with the help of Jason Polanco from Manhattan Realty Group. Jason was really friendly and knowledgable, explaining all the different aspects of apartments he showed me and any questions I had about them or the process of applying for them. He gave me a heads up to apply for the apartment, and had I applied any later the deal would've been taken by someone else. He was readily available to sign the leases afterwards and made the whole process seamless.

I had previously been searching for apartments for about 2 weeks and within 2 days Jason proved to easily be the most helpful.

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