Buyer's Guide:

Our Sales guide provides our New York City clients, who wish to buy quality New York City apartments, coops, condos or commercial properties within their budget, with quick and general guidelines to follow. The Sales Guide or Buyers Guide offers our clients with useful information about buying property. See sections on Standard Fund Requirements, General Closing Procedures, Typical Questions Answered, Suggested Mortgage Company Links and Real Estate Terms Defined.

Condo vs. Co-op:  Know the difference!

There are a few key differences between owning a condo and owning a co-op.  In the simplest terms, a co-op is an apartment building that’s owned by a corporation. To “own” a co-op apartment is to buy shares in the corporation, which gives you the right to live in a particular unit within the building. A condo, on the other hand, is an individually owned apartment much like owning a house. Condos are usually newer, larger buildings and come with access to common facilities such as rooftops, gyms or movie rooms.

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Determining your financial state before you start your search saves you time and streamlines the buying process. There are two levels of endorsement during this early stage of the loan process.



Based on information you provide

during your initial conversation with a

mortgage broker, you can qualify for a

specific loan amount, once you finalize

Certain documents.



After your initial conversation with the

mortgage broker, you provide information for a

detailed background check and financial check

(Tax returns, credit check and income history).

You will then receive a letter from a lender

stating how much they would be willing to lend

You, valid for approximately 2 months.


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