Midtown West

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Commonly referred to as Clinton or Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West has overthrown is gritty reputation through gentrification. Midtown West was originally the bastion of working-class Irish Americans, famous for its mobsters and poor inhabitants. However, its proximity to the Midtown business district allowed Midtown West to rise with the rest of Midtown’s success. Relaxed zoning restrictions lead to a real estate boom in Midtown West with major skyscraper developments popping up among Midtown West’s older walk-ups. Today, rental prices are above the Manhattan average and residents are primarily actors, young professionals and residents from the “old days.” Overspill from Chelsea have been moving into Midtown West, attracted by its location and abundance of performance venues and studios. The last remnants of Midtown West’s colorful past are its diverse, ethnic restaurants and numerous references in popular culture. Midtown West’s wide, tree-lined streets are now a popular, relatively safe place to live.

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